Community Forum

Kukwstumckacw, thank you for tuning into the IILG online community forum!
This community forum would be a great tool for people to discuss any topics regarding the IILG gathering.
We also understand the challenges that people may have in travelling to and from the indigenous gathering, so we are hoping people can use this forum to connect and help one another on any issue or topic that people may have.
Please respect that the International Indigenous Leadership Gathering and the community forum on this page are NOT designed to promote any individuals or groups business or to solicit (sell) any goods or crafts. The IILG Gathering sole purpose is on passing on the sacred knowledge and messages from our Indigenous elders to the present and future generations. As such, we respectfully ask that the forum also reflect the nature and traditional protocols of the Gathering.
Feel free to create any new topics and we respectfully ask that you please keep it a positive atmosphere:)

*To get started, please create an account, which can be found on the right side "apply for membership".
All My Relations :)